Professional storyboarding for animation training at Blue Zoo

Apr. 03 2017

Storyboading for animation training


Storyboarding is a skill which requires many talents. You need to be a director, a writer, an editor and an actor. You need to be able to draw to a standard where anyone who looks at your work can easily understand the shot, the drama or get the joke. You need to be able to pitch your best idea and then be told you need to do something else and you need to be quick. If this is something you aspire to and if you think you have these abilities we are pleased to announce we are now accepting applications for our inaugural Professional Storyboard Training Course here at Blue Zoo Animation.

We are offering four places to aspiring or junior storyboard artists to come and train, over six weeks, in house, at our studio in central London and will run from the 2nd May to the 9th June this year.

The Course

Using Wacom Cintiqs and PanelForge storyboarding software, you’ll be taught how to approach a script, how to pitch and develop ideas, how to manage your time and most importantly what is expected of you and your work in the modern animation industry. With tuition from Director Chris Drew, and storyboard artist Catherine Salkeld you will be shown how to take production scripts to animatic. Being in-house you will be part of the studio for your time here and will expose you to the day to day running of Blue Zoo.


Successful applicants need to show an aptitude for drawing, a passion for storytelling and an interest in animation. Professional storyboarding experience is not required. You’ll also need a good understanding of written and spoken English. You will be expected to attend the studio each day from 10am to 5pm.

Once completed you will leave us with two watermarked animatics of your own work and a full understanding of what it takes to be a professional storyboard artist.

Application Process

We only have a limited number of places so we will be selecting the most ideally suited candidates for enrollment onto the course. Please submit any relevant artwork, even if it is your storyboard from a college film or personal project, a CV and a covering letter telling us about yourself and what you hope to achieve having finished the course. All applications need to be submitted by 18th April, they will then be assessed and the selected trainees will be notified by 21st April.



* Duration: 6 weeks

* Start date: 2nd May 2017

* Hours: 10am-5pm Monday to Friday

* Cost: £150