International Women's Day

Mar. 08 2018

In celebration of International Women's Day we spoke to a few Zooers to learn more about the inspirations, motivations, and hurdles they've experienced as women in animation.

Women winning in animation

Featuring in our film we have Grace Culverwell, Lead Modeller & Texture Artist; Chloe Deneuve, Character Animator; Fabrizia Spera, FX TD; Izzy Burton, Concept Artist & Art Director; Catherine Salkeld, Storyboard Artist and Megan Huggins, Animator. Six passionate and inspirational women from our team of many, who prove that gender doesn't matter if you want a career in animation. Not just animation roles either - we have women winning in production, management, IT and more.

Here's first-hand evidence, however, that there's some way to go before women are equally represented in animation. Everyone in our film has experienced or witnessed discrimination, whether it's being talked over more than men, seeing ideas discarded then accepted when a male colleague suggests the same, or being asked by a recruitment agent to lower their fee.

Interesting also to hear how our participants saw a lack of confidence, or quieter voice, from women in animation. Is this a direct result of discrimination? For example, not putting ideas forward for the shorts programme as much as the men, and not pursuing the male-dominated tech roles.

"I've noticed a lot that when it's a women that's talking, men will talk over them more often than if a man is talking. I definitely feel that still happens a lot". Chloe Deneuve, Animator

"Women sometimes don't think they are logical enough, or tough enough, to do technical or really logical or mathematical things". Fabrizia Spera, FX TD

Despite the serious subject, we loved hearing about what inspired these talented Zooers to get into animation - particularly the films! Fantasia, Who Framed Roger Rabbit, even Kung Fu Panda.

"I grew up watching animation and playing video games, and when I discovered it could be a job I just wanted to help make them". Megan Huggins, Animator

And some good advice about getting into animation too, summarised nicely by Izzy's 'four P's': Passion, Practice, Patience and Persistence. A sentiment echoed by all.

'I would suggest a good attitude, I would suggest working hard, and be enthusiastic about what you do. Don't try and go into something because you think it's cool, do it because you really want to do it.' Cat Salkeld, Storyboard Artist

Our Zooers spoke overwhelmingly about inspiration coming from the people around them. So let's be nice folks. Let's continue to inspire, be inclusive, and make our lives that bit more happier.

For more information about International Women's Day visit their website here. Also check out Women In Animation and Women in Tech for other industry specific orgnisations who are working hard for diversity in the workplace.

Video by Mary McKeogh, @MaryEditing. Newsfeed artwork by Izzy Burton, @izzyburtonart