Happy Fight Procrastination Day

Sep. 06 2018

Today is that famous world awareness day, Fight Procrastination Day. To help you get through it, we've compiled a list of time management tips sourced from hard-working Zooers. Hope you enjoy the read... if you can be bothered!

Time management tips from Blue Zoo

I find getting up to work on my own projects at 6am-8am feels like I'm getting bonus time out of my day. I think Will Smith said, "While the other guy is sleeping, I'm working".

Dane Winn, Animation Director

Don't stay late at work and make a habit of it. you'll burn out. Live to animate another day.

Bader Badruddin, Animation Director

I use the Urgent/Important Matrix.

Paulene Hamilton, Head of Talent

The 5-second rule. Initiate whatever you need to do within the first 5 seconds of thinking of it, after that you will just give up, not bother and forget it.

Phil Brooks, Animator

If there's a big thing you need to do but you're procrastinating from it, just tell yourself you'll do five minutes of it. It takes off the pressure of committing to hours of working and just gets you started. I usually find that hours of work can pass where I initially set out to do five minutes. Works for creativity and just general life tasks :)

Rose Timperley, Modeller

I've always found it useful to have a separate space for work and play. So when I go to a certain place, I know it's 'work time'.

Adeola Sokunbi, Lighter

My tip for avoiding procrastination is to write checklists and find ways to make what you’re doing more fun.

Dane Winn, Animation Director

(Note from editor: Dane has submitted two tips, suggesting that, perhaps, he's procrastinating.)

When working on your personal projects setting up a deadline is super crucial. I would say it's even more important than when working at the studio as of course there are already ultimate deadlines waiting for you each day.

While at the studio it might be useful though to have your own secret finish time that is before the official one. That way you possibly still might have some buffer time in case something takes longer than expected.

Dagmara Ziemianska

My top tip is to take a break as much as you can. Surprising how much work you get done whilst waiting for your tea to cool.

Will Cook, Animation Director

"While the other guy is sleeping, I'm working" Will Smith

A big thank you to everyone who contributed!