The Big Idea Competition

Feb. 20 2018

The Big Idea Competition

Have you got a great idea for a children's story?

BZ's Oli is proud to be judging this year's entries for The Big Idea Competition. The competition is a great opportunity for anyone aged 13+ to see their idea:

  • Written by a well-known children's author
  • Championed by a top publisher and entertainment experts
  • Published worldwide
  • Made into a possible movie, TV, theatre, or more…

There are also cash prizes up for grabs!

For all the information on how to enter, and some inspiration, visit The Big Competition website here.

Closing date for the competition is this Friday, 23rd February, so don't delay!

"Ideas come from everywhere, but opportunities are limited. How can you bring an idea to a market place you see dominated by big, well establish franchises and authors? What The Big Idea Competition offers to people with a burning passion and a story, is the opportunity". Oli Hyatt, competition judge