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Oct. 11 2017


We're really excited to announce that we've received funding from Creative Skillset to help subsidise costs, which mean we're giving away one free place on our full-time Onsite AnimDojo starting November 20th. To apply, please provide us with a brief explanation of why you think we should choose you by filling in the form here.

Applications for the Onsite AnimDojo will close NEXT WEDNESDAY, 18TH OCTOBER and the lucky applicant will be announced NEXT FRIDAY, 20TH OCTOBER.

It also means our Online AnimDojo has just been reduced from £450 to £288! [ NOW SOLD OUT ]

What's AnimDojo?

AnimDojo is a series of exercises, workshops & workouts, online and on-site, designed to help fledgling animators gain speed, efficiency and the ability to critique their own work. Key skills that graduates are often missing yet are crucial for a successful career in character animation.

These workouts have evolved from techniques we use to upskill our own employees. Many graduate animators quickly become great animators during their initial time in the studio, and our aim is to capture the process that leads to that improvement, and open it up to everyone.

A fundamental part of AnimDojo is to improve self-critiquing skills, and to enable this we’ve created ‘The Animators Checklist’ to help you remember how to avoid making common mistakes and develop methods to keep your critiquing skills sharp.

"Dividing the [animation process] work in a list of reliable steps gives me more control of the whole process, I can identify more easily which things are not working and why... I am able to work in a more agile, wiser way." Julia Millan, AnimDojo Tester

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Efficiency is a key part of AnimDojo’s ethos, so we've utilised ‘brain hacks’ (i.e taking advantage of how your brain learns) to make sure the way AnimDojo works is as effective as possible to improve your skills. It also determines the length and intensity of each workout, and how each programme is structured.

AnimDojo will be run by one of the best CG animation tutors in the industry, Bader Badruddin, and will include live experimental workout sessions and ‘circuit classes’ which involve creating quick animations to a set time limit.

"Animation is a lot like boxing in the sense that working hard and training daily pays off in the end. It doesn't matter how long you spent on one shot animating it to perfection because that doesn't reflect the true nature of the industry. Animators need to be fast, efficient, and able to take on work in a professional manner. At AnimDojo we apply the same approach to our workouts to help get people on the road to becoming the best" Bader Badruddin, Co-founder of AnimDojo & Animation Director at Blue Zoo

Be one of the first to work out at AnimDojo

Get involved

We're running two early-bird AnimDojos to give an exclusive taste of what we've created: an online ‘evening class’ programme that starts October 23rd, and an intensive full-time programme in our studio starting November 20th.

For a full run-down of what’s included in each programme and to register, please visit the AnimDojo website here. Spaces are limited and are going fast, so don’t hang around!

We'll also be launching a subscription based online programme in 2018, with the aim of continuous improvement through virtual workshops, workouts and challenges.

For all information visit the AnimDojo website here, and any questions please email

"Our ambition is through intense training and exercises, give budding animators the knowhow and shortcuts that you only ordinarily get through years of industry experience. With the aim of AnimDojo animators being instantly employable and prefered by the industry." Adam Shaw, Co-Founder, Blue Zoo

Be one of the first to work out at AnimDojo