Making careers in animation accessible to all

Sep. 25 2017

Making careers in animation accessible to all

Introducing ACCESS:VFX

As part of our drive to encourage inclusiveness in the UK animation industry, we’ve teamed up with industry peers to create ACCESS:VFX, a fantastic initiative to promote diversity and inclusion in the VFX industry. It launched this week to coincide with National Inclusion Week - the annual campaign that promotes the importance of inclusion within the workplace.

The launch event for ACCESS:VFX is a week of talks, screenings, workshops and panel discussions covering a huge range of topics from mental health to gender equality. These events are free, and are taking place across various London-based locations all of this week.

"Inclusion and diversity driven through quotas are an illusionary fix to a core issue. What excited me about ACCESS:VFX is it's ambition to bring about genuine change at grass-roots levels." Tom Box, Co-Founder, Blue Zoo

There is also a special careers fair and mentor-pairing for students from diverse and economically challenged backgrounds, who are looking to break into the industry. With the right advice, and training opportunities that don’t involve costly, full-time courses, anyone with talent and commitment should be able to join the industry.

Inclusion within UK animation is essential, enabling us to nurture home-grown talent from any background, regardless of education. With the help of our friends in the industry we can make a difference. To see who else is involved, and for the full list of events, please visit the ACCESS:VFX website here. There are places still available for the many free events, so book now!

And finally, a big thank you to the 60+ artists from all the studios involved, who have volunteered to mentor students and keep the initiative going. A great beginning for important, long-term changes.