Blue Zoo hits BFX Festival

Sep. 26 2018

Next week sees the start of the 6th BFX Festival at Bournemouth University, and several Zooers will be heading down to the coast to run masterclasses, review reels, show work and talk about all things animation!

Blue Zoo hits BFX Festival

A sneak peek at our new short

Animation director Dane, look dev artist Arthur and BZ co-founder Tom will be taking the stage to talk about our new studio short and give an exclusive premiere of the short's trailer. This beauty of a short, conceived and directed by Dane, is rendered in a hand-drawn style in real-time using Unreal Engine.

Don't miss it - get your tickets today!

Blue Zoo hits BFX Festival

Showreel reviews and job opportunities

On Friday 5th October we'll be at the recruitment fair to review your showreels and discuss job opportunities at the Zoo. There are lots of exciting opportunities up for grabs at the moment due to studio expansion, so don't be shy, come and say hello!

We'll be in the Purbeck Lounge with some other great studios - find out more at the BFX website.

Blue Zoo hits BFX Festival

Get in training with AnimDojo

Join team AnimDojo for a crash course masterclass in efficiently creating top-notch cartoony animation, focusing on getting from one pose to the next in 'name that pose'. Chat with the team and other Dojo'ers at the meetup to find out how AnimDojo can work for you.

The masterclass runs from 2 pm - 4.45pm on Thursday 4th October. Book your tickets today!

Blue Zoo hits BFX Festival

Keyframes for Success with Animated Women UK

Creative Producer Lizzie and Animator Chloe will be joining other members of Animated Woman UK for the panel discussion Keyframes for Success, demonstrating good practice for achieving gender parity in the VFX industry. We'll be hearing Lizzie, Chloe and others discuss their personal experiences of (successfully) navigating the challenges of being women in animation.

Keyframes for Success is at 3.45pm - 4.45pm, Wednesday 3rd October. Book your tickets today!

Blue Zoo hits BFX Festival

Bringing environment artwork to life

Join BZ's concept artist and director Izzy Burton for her masterclass on how creating stylized speed studies can help train your eye, and how different art techniques can help tell a story. Izzy will be demonstrating speed painting and the different brushes she uses to create her award-winning artwork.

Join Izzy at 2 pm - 5.15pm, Sunday 7th October. Book your tickets today!.

Blue Zoo hits BFX Festival

For all other festival information please visit the BFX website. Look forward to seeing you there!